Choosing an Agent

We are experienced Real Estate Professionals in the Sisters, Black Butte Ranch and greater Central Oregon market.

If you are looking to sell or purchase property, and choose us to represent you in your real estate transaction,  we will work our hardest to find you exactly what works for you.


Welcome to the Brokerage that puts you in control.  You have no obligation to work with the first Agent you meet when you walk in the door or call on the phone.  You can choose the Agent you want to work with.

     * You have rights as a buyer or seller and can interview more that one Agent

     * We want to help you connect with the Agent of your choice


Under Oregon Real Estate Rules, an Agent represents the person paying their fee, but can represent a buyer if a buyer makes them their designated representative.  You become a Client when you choose an Agent to represent your interests.


     * Your Agent has the right to represent you, as a buyer even though the seller is paying the fee

     * Your Agent is held to a higher level of service, wholeheartedly representing you as a Client

At Coldwell Banker Reed Bros. Realty, you are comfortably in control of connecting with the Agent best suited for your needs.  Regardless of Buying or Selling, rest assured we have excellent choices!

Put our experience and dedication to work for you. 

Coldwell Banker Reed Bros. Realty
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